Our First Adventure

Join us as we embark on our first thrilling and naughty adventure together! We traveled across the state to the East coast where clothing is optional on some of their coastline. We hope you enjoy! Check our store for photo bundles!

7/23/20231 min read

Our first adventure... the nude beach!!

We embarked on our naughty adventure together with a shared goal of getting naked! We arrived on the other coast around 3:00 PM, we got out of the truck and loaded up the wagon. On the walk towards the sand, excitement was building! The sand was HOT! We hustled to set up our area, tore our clothes off and ran towards the water. The blue, cool Atlantic water was just what our nude sweaty bodies needed. We floated and bobbed as we pondered upon the beach at all the nude beautiful bodies. After we got done checking everyone out we returned to our area to bask in the sun.