Our First Experience!

From the first messages exchanged, the first moments meeting in person, to the first thoughts, feelings, and sexual experience. Read every detail from our point-of-view.

Shelby, Jake

7/24/20234 min read

Experience the First Night

When I met Jacob. Gosh, I had only messaged him because he had nice hair. Normally, I would have just complimented the hair and that would have been it. That was probably 2 weeks before he responded. I happened to be out of state and was only coming home for a couple days. The day before I was leaving Jacob messaged me back (at that time I already had a date set up with someone else) and asked to take me out to dinner. I looked over his profile again and he seemed to be a pretty decent person. I agreed. He had asked me to come over the night my flight arrived and he mentioned he was going to take a nap and give me a call. I could care less at that point because I was determined to find my soulmate and anyone else was just to fulfill my sexual needs and desires. I am a very passionate, intimate, erotic, and very much so a hyper sexual woman so that was what my expectations were for Jacob, IF that is IF a i felt an attraction to “MAYBE” have sex.

Well, I called him. No answer. My girlfriend dropped me off at home I put on my Pjs and went to the gas station. Leaving there he calls, half asleep. I wasn’t really feeling it and I was tired however, he said come over and hands down I’m so happy I did.

Jake said let me know when you’re here and I’ll come down and get you. I waited by a building and thought I’d be able to sneak and see him first before he saw me. He was in the complete opposite direction. We’re on the phone find each-other and the moment I saw him. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. I was approaching this man who was absolutely stunning. His long curly hair and hat, he had this immediate smile and these perfect strait beautiful teeth. As i approached him I knew something was going to happen. It felt so pure but also like i was stuck in a trance. He lets me into his house and shuts the door. I was quiet kind of for me. I couldn’t stop staring at him. Before you know it my eye and his eyes were locked and when I say locked it was as at that moment i knew I was going to have sex with him. As, I said before I’m a very sexual person but was not anticipating someone to have the same desires, wants, needs, fantasies as myself. I gave Jacob my soul that night and the first time we had sex we locked eyes again after and couldn’t talk. I said to myself this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. The sex Jacob and I had and continue to have is full of passion, lust, and love. We experience so many things together and he has taught me a lot as well. Jacob is my soulmate and I really want to share our life and passion for each other with others because it is TOOOOOO GOOOOOD to keep in that Hidden Folder🤣. The pleasure I get from seeing him pleased does more for me than anything. I believe he and I were sexually, emotionally, mentally, and physically made for each other.



When I met Shelby, I was excited, turned on, and a bit nervous. I met her down in the parking lot of my apartment complex, it was dark but I could tell she had a great body and a beautiful face. She had a smile ear to ear! It made me happy and more excited. And to think I almost missed my opportunity! (I took nap earlier in the day and almost sleep through the rest of the evening).

After I walked her upstairs, she mentioned she really loved my apartment. We sat on the couch for a bit chatting back-and-forth. After awhile, we moved onto my balcony to smoke a little pot. We smoked for about 30 minutes until she couldn’t take it anymore. She got up… and climbed her sexy ass on top of my lap. She began to start making out with me and rubbing her pussy around on my cock that was getting hard. Then, I told her let's go inside.

We weren’t inside one minute until her clothes were falling off. She spun around so my stomach was pressed up to her back. I reached around the front of her and began to rub her pussy through her blue panties. I slipped them off and rubbed and her naked pussy. She told me that I found her spot right away. That made me feel even better.

I threw her on the couch and started eating her little wet pussy. Her pussy lips felt so moist and soft on my tongue, and hear her moans made me go harder and harder with my tongue. After 10 minutes of that, I stood up. My erected cock staring her right in the face. She grabbed it and began sucking and sucking. It was amazing! I turned her around and stuck my hard, now wet cock right into her pussy. It was tight but it was accept very well. I was thrusting and thrusting, her moans turning into screams. 30 minutes later I blew my load into her pussy, filling her up.

After we got cleaned up I asked her to stay. She told me she must leave, and that she was happy she gets to sleep tonight with a cum filled pussy.

It was a beautiful night and has led us here to where we are now.